Monday, April 28, 2014

A Saccharin Gospel

Jesus Daily

Probably one of my biggest social media pet peeves is when friends and family share an obnoxious picture, with phrases such as, "Click like if Jesus is your Savior. Keep scrolling if you don't care." Another one says, "Type '1' if you can't live with out Jesus! Type '2' if you don't care." Finally, a regrettable, "Jesus, I pray for my unsaved family and friends!!! ***Say "Amen" if you pray for the unsaved going to Hell."

Those posts irritate me to no end.

God's Not Dead

Several weeks ago, the movie, God's Not Dead, came to theaters. I have not seen the movie and am not planning to see it. Mr. Peabody and Sherman was better for my children and I to watch, than the rants of a Straw Man.

Shortly after the movie was released, I began to see tons of Facebook posts and Tweets from people simply stating, "God's Not Dead." Apparently this was plot point in the movie at a Newsboys' concert, where people began sending text messages to others, telling everyone that God's not dead.

A Saccharin Gospel

First of all, I don't think it's our responsibility to state whether or not God is dead. God can take care of himself. We do not need to defend him.

Some of you might be thinking, "What's the matter? Don't you love God? Don't you want to share his message with everyone, even if it is through Facebook posts?" 

How many people have had a true conversion through one sharing of a Facebook post or through a Twitter tweet? I have no problem with people breaking the ice by sharing something they are passionate about, but I doubt there is much follow up with anyone.

I believe many people are sadly satisfied with simply sharing "Press 'Like' if Jesus is your savior," rather than actually taking the time to befriending someone and sharing the love of God with a total stranger. Too many people are satisfied with the bitter-sweet, Saccharin-tasting "Jesus Daily" (almost 26 million likes at last count and 103 of my Facebook friends). Too many people tweet or post "God's Not Dead," but ignore their fellow neighbors at their work, school, or community. God might as well be dead in their lives.

Do you love God? Are you convinced he's not dead? Let your life show it and not simply your Facebook profile or your Twitter account.

Thanks to Jeff Carter for the Passive-Aggressive Jesus meme!

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